Objects included in the register of monuments:

- remains of the medieval castle of the Teutonic Knights of the 14th century, with well-preserved 46-meter high octagonal tower, dungeons, moats and walls;

- downtown urban system – clearly visible medieval chessboard system of town streets form the time when the town was founded on the 19th June 1348 by Grand Master Heinrich von Dusemer. Almost square Town’s Marketplace with streets coming out of it and intersecting at right angle are typical for plans for the medieval towns founded under German law

- Church of St. Apostle James the Elder – Baroque church was built between 1644-1647 by the initiative of Jakub Wejher

- Former manor house at Al. Wojska Polskiego Street – from the first half of the 19th century, was connected with mail stagecoach stationI

- „Luisa Grove” – park in the city center, was named in honor of Luiza, Queen of Prussia, Frederick William III’s wife, who visited Człuchów


  • Tenements at the Town’s Square, 
  • Villas at ul. Batorego Street
  • Post-Office Building
  • Municipal School Building
  • Townhall
  • Commune Office building - former preparanda
  • Zespół Szkół Agrobiznesu (Agribusiness School Centre) building – former school for the deaf
  • Old cemeter